What we do

Save Money.
Save Time.
Save the Environment.

Our motto at SaveSorb is the basis of what we provide to our customers. We save our customers money by providing a much more cost effective way to manage their spill and leak control.

We save our customers time by providing a product that outperforms every product currently on the market.

We save the environment by providing a green product that doesn’t just pick up oil, but encapsulates it and locks it away until that oil can be broken down into safer elements.


All-Natural Renewable Resource

Our absorbent is 100% natural and taken only from renewable bogs.


Because SaveSorb completely encapsulates the hydrocarbons until they naturally bioremediate, it protects the environment from negative effects of an oil, fuel or chemical spill.


What really sets us apart from all other absorbents is that SaveSorb does not leach absorbed oil and chemicals back into the environment. Once contained, each is locked in until it is broken down into environmentally-friendly elements.


SaveSorb is ideal for wet environments. Where oil and water mix, SaveSorb will separate the oil from the water, lock it up, and not leach it back into the water. Our pads and mats are the most effective tool for pulling oil and fuel spills off open water, absorbing quickly and completely.

Product Design

Because we started with a blank slate and build and designed products around the needs of our direct customers, our product designs are what customers actually want and need.

To learn more on how SaveSorb works in various industries or to locate a distributor, please visit the Contact page, email us at info@SaveSorb.com or call at (310) 795-4011 PST.