SaveSorb comes to the rescue in a multitude of industries to deliver an oil and chemical absorbent that does the job right the first time. The following industries are currently using SaveSorb to: Save Money. Save Time. Save the Environment.

Oil Production

    • On land or on water, SaveSorb quickly encapsulates a spill, protecting the surrounding environment and creating a healthy home for bioremediation


    • On the road, at the yard or in the shop, SaveSorb saves time, space and money with lightweight and re-useable products.


    • SaveSorb works with Public Works & Fire Departments, First Responders and HazMat teams to provide effective spill response with less space, less weight and less expense.


    • Marine Booms, Mats and Containment Socks are easily deployed with a vast absorbent capacity for pulling spills from rivers, oceans and seas.


    • Maintaining a clean construction site is paramount in today’s regulated environment. SaveSorb Spill Kits and absorbent products are lightweight allowing transfer to any part of the site quickly.


    • Whether you are surrounded by equipment that leaks or cleaning up after sudden releases, SaveSorb will keep your plant clean and safe

Automotive Shops

    • Automotive shops do not have the space for large bags of clay. SaveSorb cleans up any spill quick and easy without taking up a lot of space and offers dramatically lower disposal costs.

SaveSorb also supports industries and categories such as airports and gasoline stations. Whether the oil, fuel, chemical or paint spill is large or small, we encourage you to try SaveSorb the next time you have to take care of a spill.

To learn more on how SaveSorb works in various industries or to locate a distributor, please visit the Contact page, email us at info@SaveSorb.com or call at (310) 795-4011 PST.