Key Features of Savesorb

  • SaveSorb excels at cleaning up and containing petro-chemicals. This includes BTEX chemicals.
  • SaveSorb has been tested by third parties on Gasoline absorption and test results were Non-Detect for Benzene.
  • SaveSorb can be utilized to absorb other chemicals as well. For a list of chemicals we absorb, please see our “Chemicals List.”
  • Surround leaky machinery with durable and long-lasting absorbent berms.
  • Keep shop floors clean and safe with reusable mats and absorbent.
  • Contain and remediate spills on land with a cost effective alternative to removing volumes of soil.
  • Respond quickly and effectively to spills on the road before they reach earth or water to prevent excessive cleanup costs.

Common Uses with SaveSorb

  • Humic Acids