What is SaveSorb?

SaveSorb is 100% dried plant matter. It is 100% natural.

Completely renewable. It’s Nature’s ultimate solution to oil-based spills.

Does SaveSorb fully absorb spills?

Yes. SaveSorb immediately absorbs hydrocarbons.

Is SaveSorb effective for all oil-based spills?

Yes. It is extremely effective for every kind of hydrocarbon based spill. Use for gasoline, diesel, fuels of any kind, oils of any kind, oil-based paints, transmission fluid and all other oil-based spills.

What does hydrophobic mean?

Repelling, tending not to combine with, or incapable of dissolving in water.

 Is SaveSorb hydrophobic?

Yes. It is an excellent option for oil spills on water. It will absorb the oil and then will float on the water where it can be easily removed.

Is SaveSorb easy to use?

Yes. You simply remove it from the bag and apply it to a spill. It instantly starts absorbing the spill. It completely encapsulates the spill. Spills can be cleaned up quickly and easily with a broom and dust pan in most cases.

Does SaveSorb weigh more than sand or clay?

No. It is extremely light weight. SaveSorb also is offered in a heavier product to support windier conditions.

Is SaveSorb more cost-efficient than sand or clay?

Yes. It is more than twice as cost-efficient in absorbing hydrocarbon spills than sand or clay products.

Does SaveSorb cost less than sand or clay?

Yes. SaveSorb costs less than sand or clay per pound since it can be reused (in many cases), does not take up as much space and costs much less for disposal.

What are the real benefits of SaveSorb?

It is the most effective hydrocarbon spill absorbent on the market.

It works the first time, every time.

It completely encapsulates the spill with absolutely no leaching.

Does SaveSorb pass the TCLP test?

Yes. It passes TCLP and paint filter test required by landfills.

It prevents 90 % of fumes related to fuel spills which helps to prevent vapor-based explosions.

Does SaveSorb work on land and in water?

Yes. It works equally well on land or water.

Does SaveSorb have any fuel source properties?

Yes. Used SaveSorb is an excellent fuel source—with 17,000 BTU’s per pound.

Does SaveSorb guarantee its product?

Yes. We guarantee the consistency of the product. Our proprietary drying process ensures maximum effectiveness.

For a list of the full range of materials effectively absorbed by SaveSorb, please email us at info@SaveSorb.com or call at (310) 795-4011 PST.