Key Features of Savesorb

  • For difficult oil based paints and architectural coatings, SaveSorb will not only absorb, but encapsulate the paint.
  • Encapsulation means complete and rapid absorption, preventing the spreading of the paint upon contact.
  • Absorption works with latex products as well as other paints, dyes and coatings.
  • Using SaveSorb in the paint mfg. process allows for easy response to areas that have regular leaks or where leaks are more likely to occur. This could vary from cleaning floors, tanks and equipment.
  • SaveSorb’s spill kits can be specially designed for paint manufacturing companies to provide the types of absorption materials necessary to handle any paint spill.
  • Because SaveSorb absorbs paints and coatings completely, the absorbed product releases little or no VOC's.

Common Uses with SaveSorb

  • Oil-based Paints
  • Oil-based Lacquers
  • Oil-based Varnishes
  • Oil-based Finishes